Best Sustainable & Ethic Clothing Brands

Did you realize that the garments you purchased last year contributed an average of 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere? That is the equivalent of 6000 automobiles. Yes, each piece of clothing you purchase contributes to environmental pollution. The fashion business is one of the world’s largest pollutants and also a multibillion-dollar industry, owing to the fast fashion model, which encourages consumers to purchase more and more clothing. Each year, 80 billion pieces of clothes are consumed globally. Today, there are a plethora of fast fashion companies making low-quality garments that quickly become unattractive, wear out, and lose form, compelling you to continue purchasing new clothing. Clothes are worn less frequently and discarded more quickly than ever before. As a result, around 350,000 tonnes of worn clothing are discarded. If you care about the environment, it’s time to embrace slow and sustainable fashion and to support businesses who create sustainable products. Begin purchasing apparel from ethical clothing manufacturers. Ethical clothing firms are conscientious of the manner in which their items are manufactured. Instead of polyester, they employ eco-friendly materials. Polyester is manufactured using over 70 million barrels and takes more than 200 years to degrade. Additionally, these businesses care about the welfare of their employees and will engage in fair trade and encourage labor ethics.

Best Sustainable & Ethic Clothing Brands

If you’re considering making the switch to an entirely ethical wardrobe, check out these top 25 affordable ethical clothing businesses that don’t skimp on quality or style.


Everlane is a clothing brand that specializes on transforming everyday essentials into striking fashion statements. This clothing firm specializes in inexpensive apparel with a unique touch. With their clothing, you may effortlessly dress up or down. All Everlane garments are created responsibly.


PACT creates durable, comfortable, and flattering fair trade clothes. Their clothing line includes leggings, undergarments, and tees and hoodies. They have something for every member of your family, even toddlers and infants.


Looking to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank? Visit ThredUP. This online thrift store sells clothing at up to 90% off retail prices. Many of their garments are from ethical clothing labels but are sold at discounted costs. They rigorously inspect each product before to reselling to ensure it is in excellent condition.

People Tree

People Tree, established in the United Kingdom, are pioneers of Fair Trade and offer stunning year-round clothes. Their clothing is reasonably priced and manufactured using fair trade, eco-friendly, and organic textiles.


Kotn is renowned for its exceptionally soft, fine, breathable, and sustainable Egyptian cotton. The brand sells high-quality traditional white tees and nostalgic 1990s sweatshirts that are casual enough to wear on a daily basis. Kotn is committed to promoting equal pay for equal labor and to maintaining safe working conditions.

Krotchet Kids

Krotchet Kids is in the forefront of providing life-changing work possibilities to women in need when it comes to making a difference in the world. They prioritize employees over profits. Each item is hand-signed, ensuring that you always know who made it.


ABLE sells gorgeous denim and basics designed by women from all around the world who are compensated decently. You know how it might be difficult to choose the correct size while purchasing online? ABLE is fully aware of this and hence offers limitless free US shipping back and forth until you find the right fit.

Alternative Apparel

At Alternative Apparel, you’ll discover clothing that strikes a mix between style and functionality. You’re going to adore their off-the-shoulder sweaters and ultra-comfortable sweatshirts! They produce all of their products with eco fabrics, repurposed materials, and processes whenever possible. Additionally, they ensure that workers receive fair compensation and work in safe settings.

Thought Clothes

Thought Clothes, based in the United Kingdom, sells ethically produced clothing in a variety of unusual colors and styles. Their entire collection is eco-friendly, organic, and made of natural fibers such as wool, organic cotton, hemp, and reborn polyester. Their reasonably priced pieces are ideal for the office, a night out, or simply hanging out with friends.

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices designs ethical activewear made from sustainable technical fabrics such as recycled polyester and Merino wool sourced sustainably. If you enjoy outdoor activities, you’ll appreciate their durable and environmentally friendly athletic needs.


Reformation is a corporation that genuinely values a sustainable way of life. They offer year-round fashionable on-trend outfits created entirely of sustainable and reused materials. Each item includes a comprehensive discussion of its environmental impact. Additionally, the organization fosters a fair wage environment.

United by Blue

Another fantastic brand for outdoor enthusiasts. United by Blue provides durable, ethical outdoor gear at an affordable price point. Apart from making ethical apparel, they are environmentally sensitive and contribute to the cleanup of the world’s oceans and waterways.


Outerknown offers timeless apparel that may be worn throughout the year. They feature great outfits for men and women that are eco-friendly. The brand collaborates with global partners who pay their employees fairly and practice sustainable manufacturing.

Vetta Vetta sells ethically sourced, long-lasting clothes that you’ll wear for years. All of their garments are ethically created using deadstock and sustainable materials. To achieve the perfect appearance on a budget, you can purchase a long-lasting capsule collection of five pieces that can be combined to create more than 30 ensembles. Alternatively, you can purchase items individually and create a one-of-a-kind outfit that you’ll adore forever.


Do you believe that less is more? Then make Cuyana your destination for clothing. Cuyana’s mission is to create attractive, long-lasting capsule items. Each piece is crafted entirely using ethically sourced materials. Do you have items in your closet that you no longer wear? Join Cuyana’s Lean Closet campaign and give your gently used clothing to women in need in exchange for credit toward your next Cuyana purchase.

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a market leader in ecological, inexpensive clothes. The company is committed to producing apparel made entirely of organic cotton and linen fibers and environmentally friendly dyes. Additionally, they intend to implement carbon-neutral operations and a zero-waste facility. Apart from that, they promote size inclusivity. They are available in sizes XXS through 3X.


Boden offers eco-friendly apparel options that are suitable for the entire family. From men’s chinos to infant special occasion attire, to women’s gowns for work, the beach, and everything in between. The corporation advocates fair trade in all of its factories worldwide.


Naadam sells responsibly sourced cashmere at a reasonable price. Naadam’s ultra-soft cashmere is brushed by hand from goats and is certified Cradle-to-Cradle. This safeguards the people and resources engaged in production.


Patagonia was one of the industry’s first sustainable clothing brands. Their garments are constructed entirely of recycled materials and organic cotton. Patagonia works exclusively with Fair Trade Certified factories to advance labor ethics.


Significant events in your life will necessitate a particular ensemble. Monsoon is a company that specializes in ethical and ecological clothes for special events. Monsoon has it all, from bridal gowns to cheap bridesmaid, flower girl, and ring bearer outfits to party dresses.


This label creates elegant and classic womenswear using organic, fair trade cotton and non-toxic GOTS certified dyes. KowTow operates SA8000-certified facilities and adheres to a no-animal-products policy.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert creates organic cotton, Tencel, and recycled polyester clothes. To contribute to environmental conservation efforts. For every t-shirt sold, the business plants a tree.


Boody is a sustainable and ethical brand that sources its bamboo from organic farms. Boody employs recycled packaging, is a member of the 1% For The Planet initiative, and is certified Oeko Tex Standard 100.

Nudie Jeans

When it comes to eco-friendly denim, Nudie Jeans is one of the greatest ethical fashion brands. The brand makes extensive use of GOTS-certified organic cotton. To conserve water, the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in the manufacture of their denim is extremely minimal.


Etiko is a brand that specializes in organic, eco-friendly clothes. The brand adheres to ILO guidelines and maintains fair labor conditions throughout its manufacturing process. Etiko is also GOTS certified in its entirety. As consumers, we’ve become more conscientious about our purchases and concerned about the people who make our clothing and commodities. By supporting sustainable fashion brands, we ensure that these ideals are promoted throughout the fashion industry. Purchase fewer high-quality garments from ethical clothing manufacturers to alleviate the need to purchase more. We should all strive to live a more waste-free lifestyle. We can accomplish this by consuming less fashion, so reducing our wasteful buying habits and carbon footprint.